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Onion Oil Hair Oil For Hair Stimulant, Mineral Oil, Silicones And Parabens (100 ml)

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Onion Oil Hair Oil For Hair Stimulant, Mineral Oil, Silicones And Parabens  (100 ml)

 Type:  Hair Oil

 Used For:  Nourishment & Moisturization

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Onion Hair Oil Suitable For All Type Of Hair. It Helps To Instant Boost Hair Growth And Also Helping For Control Hair Fall And Make Your Hair Dandruff Free. Onion Oil Also Helps In Prevent Hair Breakage In Just 3 Weeks And Regrow Strong And Thinning Hair And Also Make Your Hair Healthy And Dense. Each Of These Onion Hair Oil Provides Intense Nourishment To The Scalp, Stimulates Hair Growth, Strengthen Hair Roots And Other Reduce Hair Losses. Onion Oil Is The Mixture Of Onion Oil, Olive Oil, Kalong Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mineral Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, (Colour, Fragrance,Bht). So It Remains Very Helpful In The Treatment Of Dandruff Free Hair. And This Hair Oil Also Contains Vitamin E And Fatty Acids Which Are Essential For Your Skin And Hair Which Helps In The Growth Of Your Hair And Skin. Onion Oil Can Also Be Used To Dilute Skin Agent Essential Oils. Onion Oil Is Most Commonly Used As To Hydrate And Soften Skin. It Provides Nutrients For A Stronger, Healthier, Thicker And Good Looking Hair.

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