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Magic Practice Notebook 10 Refill1 Pen Grip Combo

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Magic Practice Notebook 10 Refill1 Pen Grip Combo

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For children, its important for them to go to preschool education which is easier to correct the gesture and writing method of holding the pen. The interesting activities in the workbook can bring a lot of educational fun for your children. Each preschool copybook page contains interesting, effective and practical exercises so that children can get valuable eye-hand coordination and other handwriting skills. It is a good way of early education. Children can develop basic skills while playing our preschool workbook! This series of workbooks contains a wealth of exercises to help children develop the eye-hand coordination skills necessary for learning to write clearly. For Each transcript, we offer a set of pencil jackets for you. Its convenient for children to reuse this copybook because the handwriting will disappear within 15 minutes of writing. Its includes1 pen holder and 10 refills, children can practice for a long time.

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